Lecce, Liverani: ‘Ko that is not digested, but we are here for salvation’ | A league

Fabio Liverani, coach of the Lecce, he comments, the press conference, the home game against Samp: “There is disappointment, it is normal. We lose a game because we made 2 mistakes and them 1. There is disappointment and regret, I have not seen a big difference on the field between the teams. Salvation? Very possible, but there is We are paying a lot for these mistakes, today we lost a game because of two very avoidable errors, of attention and serenity. This is sorry, if you lose as with Milan and Juve the defeats you digest them, so no “.

ON FARIAS – “Farias we are waiting for him, but in 8 months he has played 3 clips. We hope he can find the condition but playing every 3 days is not easy. At this moment in which you have to chase and you are fatigued it is hard, it is a season a little cursed : I think of Meccariello’s injuries tonight, but also of those of Deiola and Majer who are two important players for this team. Now we have to recover our strength, there are 9 more games and we have to roll up our sleeves to do better than tonight even if a draw would have been fairer. ”

SU MANCOSU – “He is a boy who puts his heart and passion into it, he has had these possibilities and is trying to make the most of them. We had found a balance, then the lockdown made us lose players and certainties”.

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