Lecce, Liverani tough: ‘The expulsion has caused us great damage. I do not comment beyond the game ‘| A league

Fabio Liverani, coach of the Lecce, speak to the microphones of Sky Sport at the end of the game lost 4-0 against Juve: “The game, until the expulsion, was an orderly game. We were trying to close the spaces and start again. We have great emergencies, the expulsion has created great damage to us. I can comment on it up there, 11 against 11 we did what we had to do and we risked taking the lead “.

TOO MANY GOALS NOW? – “I do not care much about the goals conceded, nothing changes. The team must continue to grow and recover players. We play games thinking about the next games: we are these, we must go on. If in direct matches we find the result, we can start as before of the lockdown. We started from elementary school and we got to high school, now we are back to elementary school. We have to start again and think about Sampdoria “.

ON TRAINING – “Training is almost impossible, you have to do it playing. Barak is never out of the game, he was from 20 days of inactivity. But I put him in to get him back into the game. I’ll explain the change: I must also think about the next games, not I can only think of one match. We kept 10 ‘, but then it became a defensive game. You cannot remain indifferent when you have 14 players in training available. Answer? This is the team I have chosen, I have 14 and I have to play every three days. This is it, if we have a bit of luck in direct confrontations we will play our game

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