LIVE Nations League: Belgium 2-1. England and Portugal 0-0. France-Croatia 0-1. Play Cristiano Ronaldo | First page

The 2020/2021 season continues with the matches of the national teams, in particular with the second edition of the Nations League, the new UEFA tournament.

ALLOY A – As for today’s races, in League A four very interesting clashes, which promise a show: at 8.45pm in fact, in the Group 2, the Belgium of Mertens and Lukaku receives theIceland, while the Denmark by Eriksen and Kjaer hosts theEngland, with Belgians and British already fighting for the top. In Group 3 instead the big match absolute, that of the Stade de France in Paris between the France by Deschamps and la Croatia by Dalic, a replica two years later of the 2018 World Cup final Portugal of CR7 instead, who should start from the beginning after having missed the match against the Croatians due to injury, visits the Sweden, shock after the case between Kulusevski and coach Janne Andersson.


Belgium-Iceland 2-1 LIVE
11 ‘Fridjonsson (I), 13’ Witsel (B), 17 ‘Batshuayi (B)
Denmark-England 0-0 LIVE

Belgium 3
England 3
Iceland 0
Denmark 0


France-Croatia 0-1 LIVE
16 ‘Lovren (C)
Sweden-Portugal 0-0 LIVE

Portugal 3
France 3
Sweden 0
Croatia 0

ALLOY C – Regarding the League C, four other races on stage: in Group 2 at 6pm L’Armenia defeats 2-0 l‘Estonia, while the Georgia impact for 1-1 in the challenge for the record against North Macedonia by Pandev and Elmas. In Group 1 instead at 8.45pm scheduled Luxembourg-Montenegro is Cyprus-Azerbaijan, with the first two at 3 points and the other two at 0.


Cyprus-Azerbiagian 0-1 LIVE
29 ‘Medvedev (A)
Luxembourg-Montenegro 0-0 LIVE

Luxembourg 3
Montenegro 3
Cyprus 0
Azerbaijan 0


Armenia-Estonia 2-0 – 43 ‘Karapetyan (A), 65’ Wbeymar (A).
Georgia-Macedonia 1-1 – 13 ‘pen Okriashvili (G), 33 Ristovski (M).

Georgia 4
Macedonia 4
Armenia 3
Estonia 0

ALLOY D – Closes the only match scheduled for League D, Group 2: at 20.45 San Marino, which has never won in the last 100 games, receives Liechtenstein, both at 0 points in the group led by Gibraltar with 3.


San Marino-Liechtenstein 0-2 LIVE
2 ‘Hasler (rig) (L), 14’ Y. Frick (L)

Gibraltar 3
Liechtenstein 0
San Marino 0

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