Lombardia, Fontana confirms: ‘Let’s talk to the CTS to reopen the stadiums soon’ | First page

Lombardy is pushing to partially reopen stadiums and plants. This is confirmed by the governor Attilio Fontana, on the sidelines of the presentation of the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, scheduled for the weekend of 6 September in Monza: “Organizing an important event such as a Formula 1 GP, albeit without the presence of the public, is proof of that recovery that we want to achieve, is the demonstration that we must not be intimidated and we must react in the face of this incredible situation. The race symbolizes the need to learn to organize our lives living with the presence of the virus. Fear and anguish would not lead us Nowhere. We must try to make life easier in this country by reducing bureaucracy. For years this invitation has had a political flavor, now it is a matter of necessity. To recover space we must not take time away from work for useless procedures. Region will soon approve legislation in this direction. I believe that this year we will lay the foundations to allow the sports facilities to reopen shortly and to ensure that all fans can return to attend stadiums as well.. We are talking to the CTS if it’s worth it, I think we can go in that direction. But we are still making the latest evaluations. “The reopening of the stadiums would affect 25% of the capacity of the facilities. The president of the Coni Giovanni Malagò: “It is useless to be hypocrites or those who do not know the subject, it is normal that all the governors of the Regions have formidable pressure from the subjects who have to organize sporting events, in particular those that revolve around the championships of a certain importance. Without entering into the percentages, who at 5%, who at 10%, who at 30%, respecting rules and protocols, it is clear that everyone has an interest. Otherwise, skip the bank, because not only the spirit of the competition fails but also the minimum which allows these companies to have income they can rely on. “

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