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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer strikes again. The most underdog and poorest coach among those at the top of the English championship gets ousted from the third semifinal of the year (first from the League Cup and then from the FA Cup) and is also eliminated in the Europa League. In the final, almost certainly with Inter who will beat Shakhtar today, there are Sevilla, the team that most loves (and most wins) this trophy.
I’m not sure if Lopetegui’s Sevilla deserved to pass, but I know that with a manager like Solskjaer defeat will come sooner or later. It doesn’t have to be exactly a coincidence that he hasn’t won anything in his career, despite leading a team that when Mourinho was around was doomed to win everything. By the way, United’s latest trophies are the ones that the Portuguese manager gave him, three in the same season: Europa League, League Cup and English Super Cup, a minor treble that, when it was won, was looked upon with degnation, without giving it the right value.

The city of Manchester, who had one team (City) in the running for the Champions League and the other (United) for the Europa League, it is canceled too soon from the route of the two competitions. He could raise two cups, instead he holds nothing in his hand. Obviously spending a lot is not enough. Stranger still that the history of these two clubs has taught the new (so to speak) managers nothing. United must regret the missed opportunities in the first part of the second half (amazing goalkeeper Bounou in at least three circumstances) and defensive improvisation on De Jong’s decisive goal. Lindelof and Wan-Bissaka gave him the green light by positioning themselves obscene. It wasn’t a beautiful game, but a balanced one. United were lucky enough to pass early (9 ‘) thanks to a penalty kick caused by Diego Carlos who hit Rashford after he had kicked (perfect transformation by Bruno Fernandes) and crowned a good start.

Solskjaer, perhaps to bring out the nonconformist in him, had dusted off De Gea in place of Romero, the goalkeeper who had won the cup with Mourinho. Now it would be false to write that the game was lost due to De Gea’s mistakes, given that, despite the two goals, he made no mistakes. But you certainly don’t need to be a scientist to understand that certain balances, once achieved, should not be altered. Romero was also the cup goalkeeper for Solskjaer and he should have remained so last night.

In any case, once under, Sevilla began to play using a lot of Lopetegui’s football which consists in attracting the opposing team on one side to change sides as quickly as possible on the other side. Remarkable and very “Kloppian” also the activity of the two low back fours who often stood up at the same time, despite the Sacchian motto “one goes and the other comes” to always have coverage. This type of guarantee Sevilla often did not have and that is why many balls were played by United players behind the full-back line.

On the other hand, both (Reguilon) and the other (Jesus Navas) were decisive for the equalizer (Suso) and the victory (De Jong). It is no small thing for one organized Spanish team, especially if you think of Simeone’s micragnoso football or the very frayed one of Barcelona.
I was talking about United’s regrets. They are based on a goal eaten by Greenwood (Bruno Fernandes’ pass and Bounou’s save), on a shot by Martial still rejected by the goalkeeper and on a third, also by Martial, rejected with his foot by the Sevilla goalkeeper. This is as far as occasions are concerned. However in the game, United’s superiority was seen between 60 ‘and 70’. United were fresher, had more leg, but it was extremely inaccurate around the area and even more so than the door.

So what was the difference between Lopetegui and Solskjaer? Certainly the changes: De Jong, who scored, had taken the place of En-Nesyri. Vazquez, former Palermo, who replaced Suso, participated in the second goal. El Haddadi, Ocampos’s replacement, had started the revolution of the attack. Here, a coach who progressively changes the whole attacking trio, is a tactician with vision and courage. They are not always enough, but if they are coupled with the gullibility of others, certain games are won. Maybe not the Cup, but we get there in the final.

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