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The Milan-Madrid axis is once again productive. Like a year ago, more than a year ago when the managers of Milan – in particular Paolo Maldini – caught the ace with Theo Hernandez, one of the best left-backs in circulation on favorable terms. Now there had to be contact and there was, everything confirmed: Milan started the contacts with Real Madrid to have Brahim Diaz, a ’99 class jewel that can act as a winger or behind the strikers, a talented offensive wildcard with interesting shots.

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CONDITIONS AND DETAILS – The first Real Madrid’s refusal was for a permanent sale: the management of Blancos he opposes, does not sell Brahim without having guarantees to be able to take him back because he believes in his potential. That’s why Milan are mediating on the formula, the signals lead to a loan with right of redemption still to be fixed in terms of figures because Elliott does not intend to value players on behalf of other clubs. Work in progress, the blitz was still very productive and paved the way for the Rossoneri with Real. There is also one to consider in the deal clause prohibiting Manchester United from taking Brahim, demanded by Manchester City at the time of the transfer to Real, a sign of how much attention is paid to the player. Milan are convinced they can make a great shot and have already investigated. It will be hot days on the Milan-Madrid.

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