Milan, CM report cards: Kessie dominates, infinite Ibrahimovic. Donnarumma, parade from phenomenon! | First page

Donnarumma G 7: performs a surreal parade on Rugani saving the advantage of Milan. Absolute phenomenon even against the strongest.

Accounts 7: confirms and repeats the impeccable performance offered only three days ago against Lazio. Reactive on every defensive intervention, careful on Ronaldo and in closing the diagonals. In constant growth, a good sign also for the next season. (From 37 ‘st Calabria)

Kjaer 6: fantastic a closure in the first half on Ronaldo, the aerial game is unsurpassed. Half a vote less for indecision, in cohabitation with Romagnoli, which allows Ronaldo to pierce Donnarumma.

Romagnoli 5: after a rather positive first half, he becomes the protagonist of two obvious errors: first he grants the interior to Rabiot, then the head intervention is missing by opening a highway for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Theo Hernandez 6: his race is a ups and downs of emotions: negative when he is aimed in one on one, positive when he has field to release all his offensive power. As Pioli recalled in the press conference on the eve, he has all the means to become a top player in the role.

Kessie 8: extraordinarily dominant, he has experienced his best psycho-physical moment since he wore the Milan shirt. In its parts Pjanic and his companions find a wall, the quality in the construction phase of the action is surprising. And it has the great merit of finding the equalizer with courage and obstinacy after a long persistent action.

Bennacer 6.5: leaves too much field to Rabiot for the first goal conceded. The error does not discourage him but rather motivates him: the Algerian midfielder plays a last half hour as an anthology of the modern midfielder.

Saelemaekers 6: it’s not just racing and racing. Some crosses are interesting, some movements that send the duo Danilo-Rugani out of turns. With this season finale he is giving reason to the club that recently redeemed him from Anderlecht. (from 14 ‘st Leao 7: his entrance definitively breaks the game: he finds the third goal in the last five games, certainly the most important in the Rossoneri. The talent was also visible in the first part of the championship, now there is also the right determination.)

Paquety 5: the impression is that it is still too immature for this type of most important event. He combines very little in attack, suffers Bentancur’s resourcefulness which forces him to systematic foul. (from the 1st st Calhanoglu 6.5: it is not at its best but still manages to raise the level of the maneuver with its technical quality. Good at playing both short and long, the turkish is increasingly fundamental in this Milan)

Rebic 7.5: and to think that in the first half hour of the race the ex Eintracht hadn’t hit the spot. In the second half Pioli approaches him at the door and the Croatian wears the super heroes’ cloak: first he serves a chocolate out of the corner of his eye to be discarded to Leao, then he sets up on his own and realizes his tenth goal in the championship. Milan have found a great striker. (from 37 ‘st Krunic s.v)

Ibrahimovic 7.5: prodded by the duel with Ronaldo, he decides to leave his mark once again. Glacial from the penalty spot (fifteenth consecutive achievement in Serie A), sends Kessie in goal for the equalizer. The King is back. (from 22 ‘st Bonaventura 7: call him mister assist. The second in a row again for Ante Rebic who puts the win on ice. With this season finale we are taking several revenge)

Att. Pioli 8: his Milan plays beautiful, fun and effective football. And he found a spirit worthy of the ambition teams. From a tactical and resource management point of view, the duel with Sarri wins.

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