Milan, Gazidis: ‘Market? Sustainable budget objective, we must deal with Uefa Fair Play. Ibra? We are doing what we can to keep it ‘| First page

The CEO of the Milan, Ivan Gazidis spoke at the press conference to present the new 2020/21 season directly from the Rossoneri retreat.

FANS – “We are very happy to be back here for the new season. Covid has been important and has been an important challenge for all of us and for our life beyond football. Football is an important part of returning to normalcy. But we must do everything so that the return is 100% safe for everyone and for the fans. I hope we can return as soon as possible to have the fans at the stadium, we miss them, they are an important part of this club. They are an essential part of football and we want them back with us”.

MARKET – “We have a young team that is growing a lot and doing it very well. An important part of our project is continuity so that we can move forward on this path. Of course we don’t think only of young players, we need a balance between young players and experienced players. We have an important challenge ahead of us: we must develop the team in different ways, but above all we must remain in a virtuous and sustainable financial context. The path of the stadium in this sense will be important, but it will not be completed in a short time “.

IBRAHIMOVIC – “Ibra has been an important player in this team and this season. We want to continue together and we are doing everything possible to keep him. We are working to make him continue with us and I hope we can close in a short time. I am optimistic.”

GROWTH – “We have a very broad vision of the club and obviously football is the most important part, but it’s not the only one. We have made significant progress both in the stadium and in the commercial part. As for the football part, I would like the club to develop vertical and spectacular football that involves the fans, but we have focused mainly on young players in recent years because I am convinced that we have the facilities to make young people grow at high levels. “

TARGETS – “We want this group to continue to grow virtuously. We must be very careful in new grafts in this very sense. If I think about last year, for example, Bennacer and Theo Hernandez were not” explosive “names but they were suitable for this purpose. We don’t set specific targets for this season, we just want to keep growing in this direction “

FAIR PLAY UEFA – “Fortunately we have a very solid property that has already made significant investments. What is more important, however, is that the investments are the right ones and we must make them thinking only of valid additions for our project and for the growth of this group. Accounts with the Financial Fair Play that exists and is real. Last year we had a budget with 150 million losses and we must act by controlling this deficit. It is a market that we are facing with many unknowns that still sees many realities still “hidden”. We will be very careful, we will make the right changes. I believe that in this market there will be a lot of movements towards the end of the market and we will certainly be able to benefit from this session. “

MESSAGE TO THE FANS – “We would have liked to have the fans here with us and we have organized this conference to be close to you to tell clearly what we want to do for Milan. We are doing a very difficult job and that will require very complicated decisions. We are putting all our efforts into it. , our time and our passion to bring Milan back to where the club deserves. The journey takes time, and we need the support of our fans. We are growing a young group that needs the support of the fans. We believe. in the strength of our fans and I would like all of them to believe in us, have patience and trust in our work. I ask the fans to be at our side in this journey and to be protagonists. “

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