Milan, how much waste with the ‘little ones’: from Udinese to Spal, they are 12 points less! | A league

For some seasons the Milan in challenges with low teams he goes into difficulty. a taboo that the Rossoneri have been carrying for a few years and that punctually every season returns. The equal with the Spal in Ferrara it is only the tip of the iceberg of a negative constant maintained both with Giampaolo and with Pioli. The Devil has lost a lot of points this season in games against the so-called small ones, that is, those who fight not to recede. Let’s see the list:

Udinese 1-0 Milan
Milan-Lecce 2-2
Milan 0-0 Sampdoria
Milan-Genoa 1-2
Spal-Milan 2-2

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