Milan, it’s the day of Tonali LIVE: fake visits. The first words: ‘I’m so happy, I greet the fans’ VIDEO | First page

An important blow for the present and for the future. Milan have secured Sandro Tonali for the next five years snatching him from the competition of Inter. Follow live on the first Rossoneri day of the young midfielder arriving from Brescia.

15.25 THE FIRST WORDS – On leaving the Ambrosiana the first words of Sandro Tonali: “I am so happy. A greeting to the Milan fans”.

15.20 FINISHED VISITS – Sandro Tonali has completed the process of medical examinations. Signatures on contracts are expected in the afternoon.

15.00 ARRIVED AT THE AMBROSIANA – Sandro Tonali arrived at the Ambrosiana for sports fitness, the last step before signing.

2.40 pm ELIGIBILITY NOW – Tonali will now head to the Ambrosiana to obtain sports idenoeità.

14.30 VISITS FINISHED – After 4 hours including lunch break, the first part of the medical examinations for Sandro Tonali ended who left the La Madonnina medical center.

Milan, it's the day of Tonali LIVE: fake visits. The first words: 'I'm so happy, I greet the fans' VIDEO | First page 2

10.30 PROGRAM – After the medical examinations and the following sporting fitness, Tonali will return to the Alberto and in the evening he will reach Casa Milan to sign the contract that will bind him to the Rossoneri.

10.00 FIGURES – We recall the figures of the Tonali operation: onerous loan of 10 million euros, with a right of redemption, which will be exercised, set at 25 (plus 15 million) and another 10 bonuses linked to the achievement of certain objectives and number of admissions, plus 10% of any future resale to Brescia. For the midfielder five-year contract (until 2025) worth 2 million net a year, plus bonuses related to individual achievements and performance.

8.50 MEDICAL VISITS – The Lodi midfielder arrived at around 8.50 am (as evidenced by the video of our correspondent) at the private clinic La Madonnina to support medical examinations with Milan. In the Rossoneri he will wear the number 8 shirt that belonged to his idol Rino Gattuso.

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