Milan, listen to Bierhoff: ‘Rangnick clear ideas and strong personality, those who don’t follow him are out. With Ibra? Who knows … ‘| First page

Milan, I introduce you to Ralf Rangnick“. The former AC Milan striker Oliver Bierhoff, today director of the German national teams, tells a The Gazzetta dello Sport the manager of the Red Bull group, ready to take the reins of Elliott’s new project in Milan. And its possible coexistence with Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “Rangnick likes the game of young people more, aggressive, fast, with a lot of pressure. Ibra has to see how much he wants. They are two strong personalities with ideas, it is to be shown how much they can get along. Ibra has incredible qualities Physically there is that you continue, but another thing is the head. I realized that I no longer had the determination to give my best. He has more natural talent than me. But if Rangnick arrives it is to be evaluated. He is a concrete type, of course. If one does not follow his plans he is out, and it will be interesting to see if two great personalities come together. I do not know where he is. But I am sure of one thing, because I had very interesting chats with him: head is never firm. He is always there to think about his plans, to study and despite his age he still has a lot of motivation and hunger. This is why when he shows up he will be very charged. “

INTER-HAKIMI – Not only AC Milan and Rangnick, Bierhoff also talks about the landing of Achraf Hakimi all ‘Inter: “Very good, he has decided several games in Dortmund with his speed, I am convinced that he will do well for Inter. He is agile, mobile, good. Surprised of his arrival? A bit ‘yes, teams like Inter, Milan and others , except Juve, they have not had the continuity that gives you the certainty of playing the cups. If you go away from Borussia where you have a wonderful environment and a team that always fights for the championship and plays the Champions League, the step you must take must be great, but playing in Milan always fascinates, there must have been something that brought him there, perhaps a childhood dream “.

GOSENS – Finally, a praise for Robin Gosens of Atalanta, also yesterday against Napoli: “Interesting, my coaches have been watching and following him for some time, I have also been in contact with Sartori. He has shown Atalanta what he can do and grows if he plays with top-level people He is a candidate for the future. “

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