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This time I was right about everything. On the victory of the Milan, on the reasons that determined it (the absences of de Ligt and Dybala), on the inadequacy of Rugani and, above all, on the current strength of Milan.

Juve lose badly because in six minutes it passes from the double advantage (rabiot is Ronaldo, the man of unnecessary goals) in the draw of Milan (Ibrahimovic on penalty e Kessie) until overtaking Leao (67 ’) and the collapse served by Alex Sandro, returned too quickly from the injury and immediately responsible for a mistake in the march (horizontal passage within his area).

So, if at 61 ’lo Scudetto seemed assigned and the championship ended with the most ten of the Juve, in the end even Inter, winning in Verona tomorrow (it would drop to eight) o the deranged Lazio (minus seven) can hope that, as they lost in San Siro, the bianconeri will play the role of the victims both on Saturday with theAtalanta than with the Sassuolo and, above all, in the direct clash with the Biancocelesti. An en plein in reverse. And if theAtalanta makes six points in the next two (today with Sampdoria and Saturday with Juventus), for the Scudetto he enrolled in the race with more freshness and more convictions than all.

Serie A is alive and Milan is, with Gasperini’s, the most prophetic team of the tournament. He scrambled there Lazio at the Olimpico, he did the same with the Juve in home. The 4-2 is not excessive (there were another couple of goals), but the victory of the Rossoneri is clear, even if it was the case that put them back on their feet, i.e. Var in fact, that has caught a touch of Bonucci on a half meter of comb Rebic. The referee Guide, in the first instance, not only had not seen him, but had waved the yellow card for protests (all revoked) under the nose of the AC Milan striker.

From the start of the second half up until that moment, in truth there was only one team on the pitch, but after Ibrahimovic’s transformation, Milan has risen and Juve panicked. The midfielders have lost balls, the defense is recoiled dangerously. On the goal of Kessie – a sort of agile central breakthrough – Cuadrado suffered the tunnel, Rugani he was moved by Ibrahimovic who he exchanged with his partner and Bonucci he turned around, giving his back to the conclusion.

It was 66 ‘and the game, which had taken another direction with the penalty, was decided a minute later, when an error of Cuadrado opened the door wide Leao, entered for Saelemaekers.

Yet Milan, before rising from the mental point of view and showing more energy from the athletic point of view, had been guilty absent.
Guilty in the goal of rabiot, this time very good, who has made three-quarters of the pitch and has exploited the space created by Higuain and Ronaldo. Disastrous, always the MIlan, when a high ball that seemed prey to one between Romagnoli and Kjaer is carom between the two ending up on the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo who put it inside.

There Juve did not feel only master of the game, but of the Scudetto and, certainly unknowingly, thought of managing and not playing to go 3-0. Without that very doubtful rigor, perhaps nothing would have changed, even if Pioli’s substitutions made sense. Inside, at the beginning of the recovery, Calhanoglu for the useless Paquetà and then Leao and finally Bonaventure, while Sarri began to put his hand in the team only when he found himself below: Matuidi for Rabiot, Douglas for Higuain (who made a shot on goal and yet came out enraged like a panther), Ramsey for Pjanic. Bentancur, still among the best, he moved to the center, Matuidi to the left, Ramsey to the right.

Before Rebic’s 4-2 (the assist was by Bonaventura on Alex Sandro’s unfortunate passage), Juve could have equalized with Rugani (header, the only decent thing), but Donnarumma he had an exceptional reaction and rejected.

Now it gets tough. The calendar – I repeat – is difficult and if the bianconeri and Lazio leave points, they can go back to pushing behind Inter is Atalanta. Indeed, if there were, fairness the championship would go to Bergamo. Many deserve it, not just the team of Gasperini.



Markers: 2 ‘st Rabiot (Juv), 8’ st Ronaldo (Juv), 17 ‘st rig. Ibrahimovic (Mi), 21 ‘st Kessie (MI), 23’ st Leao (MI), 36 ‘st Rebic (Mi)

Assist: 8 ‘st Cuadrado (Juv), 21’ st Ibrahimovic (Mi), 23 ‘st Rebic (Mi), 36’ st Bonaventura (Mi)

MILAN (4-2-3-1): Donnarumma G; Conti (from 37 ‘st Calabria), Kjaer, Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez; Kessie, Bennacer; Saelemaekers (from 14 ‘st Leao), Paquetà (from 1’ st Calhanoglu), Rebic (from 37 ‘st Krunic); Ibrahimovic (from 22 ‘st Bonaventura). All. Pioli. Available: Begovic, Donnarumma A., Calabria, Gabbia, Laxalt, Biglia, Krunic, Calhanoglu, Bonaventura, Leao, Colombo, Maldini.

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado (from 32 ‘Alex Sandro), Bonucci, Rugani, Danilo; Bentancur (from 48 ‘st Bricklayer), Pjanic (from 24’ st Ramsey), Rabiot (from 24 ‘st Matuidi); Bernardeschi, Higuain (from 24 ‘st Douglas Costa), Cristiano Ronaldo. All. Sarri Available: Buffon, Pinsoglio, Chiellini, Coccolo, Alex Sandro, Ramsey, Matuidi, Wesley, Bricklayer, Douglas Costa, Olivieri.

Ammonites: 31 ‘pt Paquetà (Mil), 36’ pt Bennacer (Mil), 14 ‘st Rebic (Mil), 28’ st Conti (Mil)

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