Milan sweeps Lazio with the Ibra totem: Europe is one step away, thanks to Pioli | 100 minutes

Seven points from Juve, Lazio will not give up, but 8 days from the end the three goals taken by Milan give the idea of ​​a team in physical, athletic and technical exhaustion. There Juve made 4 fluent goals in the derby, the Lazio he took 3 at home from Milan, now the difference lies in those 7 points and in these 7 goals.

EUROPEAN MILAN – Even in the last two games Lazio had gone below and then re-emerged with all its pride. This time it soon became clear that it would be much more difficult. For two reasons. The first: it was not the usual Lazio, it could not be, the two role tips were missing and neither Correa, neither Luis Alberto, neither Milinkovic (advanced in the first half final) could occupy a place as a pure striker. The second: Milan is not Turin and Fiorentina, Milan is a strong team inside, well organized by a coach who is taking revenge with those who would already like him out of the future construction of Milan. At 46 points, he overtook Napoli and reduced his detachment from Rome to 2 points: the Europa League is really one step away thanks to the work of Stefano Pioli.

THE RETURNS OF LEIVA AND IBRA – The 2-0 of the 45 ‘was perhaps an excessive punishment for Lazio, punished too much in his generosity, but in attack Milan had done something more than the Biancocelesti. I also deserve to Ibrahimovic, whose mere presence gives the team extra security, is the totem around which the whole thing revolves Milan. And even if he is not in top condition, as he was not in this game, he attracted the attacking maneuver on himself, continually leaving the front line to get the ball and build the final part of the action. With Castillejo injured, Pioli made an excellent choice by deploying the Belgian for the first time Saelemaekers, the player who got in trouble Jony and especially Radu. However, it was all Milan that made Lazio’s life difficult, it contained the white and blue attacks well and started again. While Pioli recovered Ibrahimovic as owner, his Lazio successor Inzaghi did the same with Leiva, however he returned with a heavy step.

GOALS AND SURROUNDINGS – The home midfielder was continually bumping into the AC Milan one supported by Kessie, Bennacer is Bonaventure, this time as useful in the defensive as in the offensive. Even on the outside Milan had the upper hand, Lazzari ran away only once Hernandez, at the beginning of the game. The Rossoneri had the merit of breaking a phase of substantial balance with the first goal. Calhanoglu cut from the left towards the center, jumping too easily Leiva, when the Turkish aimed the corner Parolo put his toe on it and gave even more poison to the trajectory: Strakosha beat. Ibra scored his first goal but offside. He then scored the good goal on penalty (and with a bit of luck, Strakosha was about to take it), granted for a hand ball by Radu on a cross by Saelemaekers. Lazio, forward, had only one half chance: on Jony’s cross from the left, Correa made the veil perhaps because he didn’t remember that he was the first striker, he thought that behind him Immobile came out, sitting in the stands.

FIRST CHANGES – After a while Ibrahimovic left and Rebic entered, one of Milan’s best fit. In Lazio, outside Leiva for the young striker Adekanye. Parolo has moved to the center, Luis Alberto is Milinkovic the half wings have returned and Correa in support of the new entrant. Lazio scored at the end of a counterattack finished by Luis Alberto with the wrong time for Lazzari, bounded offside: Conti was very good at taking a step forward towards the Spaniard thus putting Lazzari offside. Inzaghi put Lukaku to the left to give more push.

REBIC IS NOT WRONG A SHOT – Lazio increased engine revs even though the tank was empty. The energies were nervous, the championship was disappearing from the horizon and it took the last effort, the last desperate attempt. Except that he discovered his defense where he had entered in the meantime Vavro instead of the admonished Radu. An Acerbi launch was intercepted by Hernandez who left on the left, while Lazzari remained up there. Ball to Bonaventura, Lazio defense upside down with Patric out of position, easy assist for Rebic free in the area, control, shooting, three to zero for Milan. A crazy gallop of Hernandez could lead to 4-0, but this time Strakosha saved. He could do it shortly after, but in front of Strakosha he touched incredibly outside and Ibra, sitting on the bench, went on a rampage.

THE CALF – He had hurt himself Calhanoglu after the goal and had been replaced by Paqueta, he hurt himself Milinkovic in the middle of the second half and Anderson entered. These are two muscle aches in the calves: these days, with this heat and at these rhythms, they are more and more. The heat also had other effects: sparks at the end of the game between Cataldi and Hernandez.


Lazio 0-3 Milan (halftime 0-2)

Scorers 23 ‘pt Calhanoglu (M), 34’ pt rig. Ibrahimovic, 13 ‘st Rebic (M)

Assist: 13 ‘st Bonaventura (M).

Lazio (3-5-1-1): Strakosha; Patric, Acerbi, Radu (10 ‘st Vavro); Lazzari, Parolo, Leiva (1 ‘st Adekanye), Milinkovic, Jony (10’ st Lukaku); Luis Alberto; Correa (13 ‘st Cataldi). All .: Simone Inzaghi.

Milan (4-2-3-1): Donnarumma G .; Conti (17 ‘st Calabria), Kjaer, Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez; Kessié (41 ‘st Biglia), Bennacer; Saelemaekers, Bonaventura (17 st Krunic), Calhanoglu (37 ‘pt Paquetà); Ibrahimovic (1’st Rebic). All .: Stefano Pioli.

Referee: Calvarese of Teramo

Ammonites: 33 ‘st Lukaku (L), 37’ st Paqueta (M)

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