Monza on Donnarumma. Bellusci: ‘When do I stop? I am only thinking of Serie A ‘ Market

The Monza defender, Giuseppe Bellusci said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport: “We are not hiding. The club said it openly: we want to be protagonists and fight for Serie A. The passion that Galliani is putting for Monza is a huge stimulus for the team. Last summer the president met us at Villa Gernetto: Berlusconi’s Monza was born that day. It gave us charisma and positive energy: it made us understand that technique and tactics without ambition are useless “.

“When I arrived in Monza, I introduced myself to my classmates by imitating Celentano and singing” Svalutation “: I know many will ask for an encore. But I am also available to accompany Galliani on his walk. I had many requests: the possibility of playing for Berlusconi and Galliani is a unique experience for a player, so I bet on myself: I took a step back to take two steps forward. I still feel young: I am aware that I can still give a lot as a player. So now I just think about fighting to bring Monza to A “.
Meanwhile, Monza on the market works for the Brescia forward, Donnarumma.

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