Naples, agreement with Abruzzo for almost 5 million! There is the ‘obstacle’ Champions | A league

Napoli’s summer retreat this year will change destination. Gattuso and her boys will go to Castel di Sangro. In this regard, the councilor for tourism and cultural activities of the Abruzzo Region spoke, Mauro Febbo. These are his words to the microphones of Radio Mars:

THE AGREEMENT – “Today the resolution will be approved. We have closed the agreement with Napoli for the next six years. We will host them for the retreat in Castel di Sangro. Because of commitments Champions we don’t know exactly when they will come, but the blues will be in Abruzzo “.

THE DETAILS – “Initially there was skepticism on the part of De Laurentiis and therefore the agreement was to be for one year. The president, however, after seeing the structures was enthusiastic and we continued the same agreement. There is also the possibility of renewing for further six years. Dwe will be 800 thousand euros a year in Naples and there will be sponsorship of the brand Abruzzo at the San Paolo stadium. Napoli will guarantee three friendly matches in retreat, we would like the first to be against Castel di Sangro. “

FANS – “We are still working on the number of fans who will arrive. We want to host as many bells as possible, but in this first retreat there are still problems and need attention. We will have further news in the coming days. ”

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