Naples, the ag. of Osimhen: ‘Victor after the game and confessed to me … | A league

William Of Avila, Victor’s agent Osimhen, speaks of his client, the new striker of Naples, to the microphones of Radio Punto Nuovo: “We are extremely happy with Victor’s performance yesterday. What did he say to me after the game? Nothing special. He called me and confessed that he was extremely happy with the first goals for the Azzurri. Will he feel the pressure now? Why should he? He’s not under any pressure, he knows how to be a great striker. His goal is to score a lot of goals, so no pressure. His first impressions of Napoli and Gattuso? Perfect, everything. Victor already feels at home . If Napoli will manage to return to the Champions League this season? Absolutely yes, it is the goal of Victor and all his teammates. The team will all row in the same direction. The feeling with Mertens? eye, but Napoli is chock full of great players who will help Victor give his best. ”

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