Naples, the monthly arrears have been resolved. There is also the Coppa Italia award A league

That of Naples it was a very special season. The relationship between De Laurentiis and the players was heavily affected by that famous episode of mutiny last November 5 after the match against Salzburg. But with the arrival of Gattuso the scene has changed. The gap between clubs and players has narrowed, the group has regrouped and the victory of the Italian Cup has also arrived.

So there is the step forward by De Laurentiis, who had suspended wages in March and April. According to what reported by Corriere del Mezzogiorno, yesterday the payment for the month of March arrived and the president guaranteed the team that will pay them the months of April, May and June. In addition there are also prizes for the victory of the Italian Cup: for the blue players custom watches or an additional economic compensation.

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