Naples, there is distance to Reguilon. Ready the ‘plan B’ for the left-handed band | Market

The Naples is looking for a new left back. After a season dealt practically only with Mario Rui, while Ghoulam has never returned to the old levels, the time has come to give a new name to the blue left-handed band.

The first on the list is Reguilon. Currently on loan to Seville, is owned by the Real Madrid. To the Naples like it, but the idea is that of a loan. Different from the requests of the Blancos, who would like to sell player a definitive title. So the negotiation could go on and on. In the meantime, Napoli has the plan B, which bears the name of Mikal Karbownik, left-back class 2001 of Legia Warsaw. It is reported in today’s edition of The Gazzetta dello Sport.

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