Napoli, Gattuso: ‘We pedal and we don’t talk, Insigne makes the difference. On Lozano, the squad and Barcelona … ‘| Market

Rino Gattuso, manager of the Naples, after the success obtained against Roma he spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport: “I train strong players and many times we have to remind them. After the Coppa Italia final I said that we had to pedal and not speak, since many of these will remain here next year. We need the winning mentality, we need to think not of the I but of us. “.

What relationship has been created between you and Insigne?
“I think Lorenzo has characteristics to work on. He must have strength in his legs and try to jump the man. If his legs help him, with his technique, he can always make a difference. He looks at me wrong if I take him off the last 20 minutes, but he must be right. But he is very intelligent, he gets to things right away and I think this is his strength “.

Where can this team improve?
“He has to improve his mentality. When he plays good games, this team sits. Over the years he has always passed away from the mental point of view when there was the leap in quality. The boys have to think about building, improving day by day, don’t think they’ve already arrived. “

How do you rate Lozano?
“He is a boy who has to play in the open field, if he has to dribble it is more difficult. He has incredible speed, lately I have seen him more awake. He has to improve and come to tie, many times he prefers long ball and how we play is difficult “.

What do you want to see on your team?
“I want to see what Insigne does in certain situations, that is to give a hand even if he is an attacker. We do a lot of dribbling, but we must be able to work properly. In order not to score the opponent, the work of all the players is needed. at the moment it cannot be done differently “.

As far as you get in the final 20 meters, it doesn’t score as much and you take too many restarts. Can you improve on this?
“We have to attack the space. In the last 20 meters we sometimes want to make too many tight combinations, when instead there are always 1-2 players attacking the space. We can improve this aspect.”

Can you say that Napoli has a well-structured squad?
“Yes, there are functional players. All those who enter can offer a certain type of football, they have it inside. Lobotka can play from the first minute, it gives less balance but more imagination. He is a player with the ball. Elmas is a very interesting young man, Lozano is helping out. We have players who are important and functional to our type of football. Our squad is very, very important. “

What percentage do you give against Barcelona?
“I don’t even know if he gets there on 7-8 August. I now think of the other 8 games we have. In Barcelona I will think in two weeks, at this moment we have to think not to fool and grow up. You cannot think of giving away the games to your opponents, you have to put your leg in. If you go hard, with the right mentality, you must not be afraid of hurting yourself. “

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