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Hosts 6:

guilty of AC Milan’s goals: nothing can on the very fast action of the Rossoneri and on the rigor of Kessiè.

Di Lorenzo 6.5: find the equalizer with an excellent insertion on an inactive ball. On that band he has a difficult evening because Theo Hernandez is going strong, but still manages to have his say.

Maksimovic 5.5: very careful match up to the naivety that gives the penalty to Milan.

Koulibaly 6.5: wins the free kick on the trocar that leads to the tie signed Di Lorenzo.

Mario Rui 6: does not run too many dangers on its wing.

Fabián Ruiz 6.5: protagonist of some good play, he also approaches the goal with a nice left-handed from outside in the first half.

(from 20 ‘s.t. Elmas 6: little entry by the Macedonian.)

Lobotka 6: this time for technical choice he takes the place of Demme in front of the defense after the last convincing performances. It manages to ensure the right balance and security that is needed in front of the defense.

(from 20 ‘s.t. Demme 6: picks up the reins of the midfield and dictates the game times)

Zielinski 5.5: today there is little on the ball. No good play emerges from the Polish talent.

Callejon 6: the Spaniard hurt Milan’s goal, completely forgetting Theo Hernandez who inserts himself and finds the goal without pressure. It relies on the assist for Mertens during the 2-1 goal

(from 39 ‘s.t. Politano s.v.)

Mertens 7: vibrant start with the first play after a few minutes that sends to the Conti bar and warms Donnarumma’s gloves. The most lively up front and once again finds his way to goal.

(from 29 ‘s.t. Milik 5.5: little bad up front, he failed to enter the game. The only chance for him was the free kick in the 90th minute, but it sent her clearly high above the crossbar)

Insigne 6: usual big hand in defense. He manages to make Conti suffer often, but he misses the winning twist tonight

(from 29 ‘s.t. Lozano 6: some interesting ideas showed it, despite the few minutes at his disposal)

Gattuso 6.5: his Naples as usual is neat and precise. Against a healthy Milan it was not easy, but the team held up well showing at times also very interesting combinations.


Donnarumma 4.5: game with two faces: the first 18 minutes of play are marked by two phenomenal saves on Mertens and Callejon. Then the blackout that takes away from him mentally. Imperfect when he gives the ball as Di Lorenzo, uncertain about Mertens’ shot (with double deflection) for the momentary advantage. He ‘performs’ in a couple of busted referrals. An evening cannot happen after so many performances from first in the class.

Accounts 6: ccheck well Insigne who never goes away in speed and one on one. Only one small inattention in the first half when he misinterprets an exit on the opponent’s midfielder leaving Mertens free to go in goal.

Kjaer 6.5: usual security in the center of defense. The impact against a fearsome attack with impeccable attention from a tactical point of view holds up well.

Romagnoli 6: some smudging more than his Danish colleague but overall he plays a more than fair game.

Hernandez 7: impressive when he has field to release all his offensive power. Forces Mario Rui on the defensive, he surprises for a couple of defensive diagonals executed to perfection. Confirms his extraordinary prolificity (from low outside) going to achieve his sixth goal of the season in the championship. Growing exponentially, he studies to become the strongest in his role.

Kessie 7: lowers the shutter and in its parts the Napoli just can not break through. Solid and precise in possession, glacial from the spot for its second consecutive marking.

Bennacer 7: the red and black surveyor dictates the times with clarity and precision. The intuition for Rebic on the first Rossoneri goal is from a higher level midfielder.

Rebic 6.5: opens the compass and draws a perfect rainbow for Hernandez who does not let himself be prayed for and sends the ball behind Ospina. He plays generously, splits in the non-possession phase but sometimes loses a bit of lucidity by wasting the counterattacks. (from 43 ‘st Krunic s.v)

Calhanoglu 5: he never enters the game: he misses the last pass twice in an even too trivial way. (17 ‘st Bonaventura 7: with his entry onto the pitch he manages to change Milan: he gets a vital penalty kick. Think vertically and put your soul to the end.)

Paquety 5: fatigue from the outside right, he does not have the pace to make the whole band. It leaves a lot of room for Mario Rui’s advances and misreads some game situations in the possession phase. Failure for the Brazilian on the night of San Paolo (from 1 st Saelemakers 5: two huge ingenuities cost him a very avoidable expulsion)

Ibrahimovic 5: overlooked by a Koulibaly on an evening of grace. It combines little and is not precise even from a technical point of view. Probably his worst race since his return to the Rossoneri. (from 17st ‘ Leao 6: enters well into the game with a powerful left that goes off a little high. Precious in the end when he keeps the ball and makes the team breathe)

Att. Pioli 6.5: 10 points between Rome, Lazio, Juventus and Naples are spoils from first in the class. Even in a less brilliant moment from an athletic point of view he brings home a precious point in the race for the Europa League.

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