Nations League, for Italy it is already decisive: Holland favored, but bookies do not stang Mancini | Our bets

Only one will pass, and theItaly after last Friday’s home draw with Bosnia he cannot make any other mistakes. Tonight’s match at the Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, second round of Nations League, is a fundamental crossroads for the Azzurri’s Mancini, which in the analysts’ assessments start out at a disadvantage, but without major imbalances: the victory ofHolland, which comes from the domestic success with Poland (1-0) is given at 2.40. Italy is rather close, at 3.10. An interlocutory tie is offered at 3.20. The initial misstep obviously raised our national team’s share of the title hunt. The blue triumph, he reports Agipronews, is at 10, while the Netherlands drops to 8.00. Absolute favorite is always there Francia, at 5.00, followed by Spain and England, at 6.50, and from Belgium, at 7.00. As for the qualification, between the Netherlands (2.75) and Italy (1.75) there is now a point of difference. The chances of Poland are modest, at 9.00, almost non-existent, despite the good equal imposed on the Azzurri, those of Bosnia, which sails at 15.

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