Nations League: Wales wins, blows from Russia and Finland. LIVE: Spain 3-0, Ansu Fati record. Germany 1-0, Serbia-Turkey 0-0 | First page

She is back on the field again today Nations League, with the first matches of the second day.

In League A you play for the Group 4, with Spain-Ukraine (among the scorers Ansu Fati, the youngest player ever for the Spaniards to score) e Switzerland-Germany scheduled at 20.45.

In League B, the groups to go down are 3 and 4: in Group 3 at 18 it’s up to Hungary-Russia, 2-3 with the networks of An. Miranchuk, Ozdoev, Mario Fernandes, Sallai and Nikolics, while at 8.45 pm they compete Serbia and Turkey. The Russians fly in the lead at 6 points. In Group 4 instead the program foresees at 15 Wales-Bulgaria 1-0 (Williams at 94 ‘) e Ireland-Finland at 18, 0-1 with Jensen’s goal.

In League C, it’s up to Group 3, with Slovenia-Moldova at 6pm, 1-0 thanks to Bohar, e Kosovo-Greece at 8.45pm.

Finally, in the League D, takes the field Group 1: in the 3pm match Andorra loses in the house for 1-0 with the Faroe and at 20.45 Malta hosts the Latvia.

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