‘NJ Women for Trump’ Facebook Group Removed Put them back NOW! Trump reacts after Facebook removes

‘NJ Women for Trump’ Facebook Group Removed

President Trump reacted on Twitter early Sunday after Facebook reportedly removed an “NJ Women for Trump” group with nearly 30,000 members.

“Put them back NOW!” the president wrote around 1 a.m. ET, during a message directed to the social networking giant.

NJ Women for Trump Facebook Group Revolved

Facebook’s move against the group reportedly came Saturday, all of sudden, just three days before Tuesday’s presidential election — and amid concerns that conservative voices are increasingly being blocked on social media.

“People are really, really mad,” Priscilla Confrey, co-director of the group, told NJ.com. “When you’ve got that a lot of people and they’re pack up, they feel silenced.”

'NJ Women for Trump' Facebook Group Removed
‘NJ Women for Trump’ Facebook Group Removed

Facebook had flagged a few posts in recent weeks, including some associated with the coronavirus, for being problematic, Confrey told NJ.com — but she said she always deletes any posts that Facebook marks.

She said she has repeatedly reached bent Facebook to undertake to know why the group was pack up.

“Three days before Election Day? That’s absolutely appalling,” she said.
“I think these companies, these social media groups, have an excessive amount of power. They provide 
to you to open up a gaggle on their social media platform, and you’ll have 30,000 members, and that they shut it down without telling you anything,” she added.

Confrey told NJ.com she had contacted lawmakers about the difficulty. within the interim, she added, the group has started a replacement Facebook identity



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