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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reported to be in a coma and the decision of delegating some of his powers to his sister Kim Yo-jong would be proof of this: reported on Korea Herald, a Seoul newspaper, citing Chang Song-min, one of the collaborators of former president Kim Dae-jung, the father of the thaw in relations with Pyongyang with the ‘sunshine policy’.

A hypothesis, however, which currently has no official confirmation, as reported by theHandle.

Chang said he believes Kim is “in a coma, but he’s not dead yet.”: the succession has not yet been completed, so Kim Yo-jong is brought to the fore because there cannot be a prolonged power vacuum. ”

In the closed-door meeting in parliament held on Friday, the NIS, the Seoul intelligence, had made it known that the passage of some powers from the leader to his sister had been decided to “alleviate the stress”. Kim Yo-jong, first deputy director of the Central Committee department of the Workers’ Party, is now in charge of “general affairs of the state on the basis of the delegation” entrusted to him, according to Yonhap. The NIS had remarked that the initiative, however, did not appear to be linked to the health of the supreme leader.

Bring back there again‘Handle what Chang, specifying that he had obtained the information in China, he added that “no North Korean leader would entrust any of his powers to another person unless he is too sick to govern or was not removed in a coup ”.

Fears about Kim’s precarious health are recurrent: in April, for example, there were rumors about an emergency surgery for heart problems that had put his life at risk, so much so that speculations had circulated about his death. The leader, however, reappeared in the North Korean media following the inauguration of a new fertilizer plant on May 1st.

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