Osimhen, his brother: Exciting by Naples, he will play there! He was close to Inter. Here’s what he thinks of the Neapolitan fans’


Victor Osimhen seems to be really one step away from wearing the Napoli shirt.

For the Nigerian attacker the final details are missing and his brother, Andrew Osimhen, confirms it in an interview for Europe Football. Here is an excerpt:

NAPLES“I am sure he will be a new Napoli player. When he was in the city he was impressed. The important thing is that you play, but he is a born fighter. He left Africa to go to Germany when he was still a boy. Decisive encounters with Gattuso before and De Laurentiis then. Gattuso is a coach who cares about his players and Victor described me as the president as a good and familiar person. “

Osimhen, his brother: Exciting by Naples
Osimhen, his brother: Exciting by Naples

AGENTS – “He was no longer happy with the old prosecutors. D’Avila has done a great job in this operation. Considering the importance of this transfer, it was a move that needed to be made. “

LIVERPOOL – “I don’t confirm the interest because I don’t know. During the transfer market, many are read.”

THE ORIGIN – “Thanks to Chinedu Ogbenna, his coach at the Ultimate Striker. After the big world championship in Chile in 2015, many European clubs started following Victor. Among these was also Inter Milan. “

Fan club – “Victor told me about the heat of fans of the Naples. He is happy with this factor, for him it will be a great extra stimulus “.

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