Pagliuca: ‘Inter favorite for the Europa League, cheering for Conte’ | Europa League

The former captain of theInter Gianluca Pagliuca speak to Sports Newspaper ahead of the Europa League final between the Nerazzurri and Sevilla: “The Uefa Cup victory? I was in my fourth year with the Nerazzurri and I came from the final lost the year before with Schalke 04. For Handanovic it is more or less the same: he has been there for many years. He deserves to win, as Inter deserves it. Inter favorite? For me, yes and it’s also a question of big numbers. Sevilla have won five finals, sooner or later they will lose one. Let’s hope that’s it. ” .

RONALDO AND LUKAKU – “We had Ronaldo and this probably made us qualitatively stronger than today’s Inter, who also have a very strong Lukaku and Martinez who recovered at the right moment after a complicated period.”

WITH YOU – “I have excellent memories of the times we lived together, we are friends and this is also why I hope he can celebrate the trophy victory with Inter.”

VOTE FOR THE SEASON – “If Inter win they deserve an 8, if they lose I stop at 6. Raising the Cup has an exceptional value. Can you open a cycle? I think so. Already this year Inter threw away the championship by losing points against Sassuolo and Bologna at home after the lockdown. Had he done better in those two occasions, maybe he would have won already this year “.

SIMONI – In Repubblica, Pagliuca also remembers Gigi Simoni: “We hope that from up there he will help Inter win. We players knew he was ill, we were very close to him. We showed him even when he was sacked.”

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