Parma, Lucarelli is a fury against the referee: ‘Bordered on the ridiculous. We are not the village idiots, that’s enough! ‘ | A league

Alexander Lucarelli, team manager of the Parma, speak to Dazn after the defeat against the Rome. And so comments the penalty not given to the ducals for handball of Mancini: “I speak to avoid disqualifications. Our director has already been disqualified, but tonight the ridiculous was bordered, with that rigor not given. Tonight they called the referee to the Var to give the penalty and he didn’t give it. We have once again been victims of arbitration choices. We have tried not to make controversy to help and temper, but now enough, we no longer accept these errors. It is not that we are 39 points and we are the idiots of the village. Go and see the fouls given to Bruno Alves and Darmian … and then don’t they give us such a penalty? There is difficulty in the referee class: the Var had to lend a hand, but now he is confusing. ”

ATTITUDE – “We made mistakes, but in balanced games they decide the episodes. And right now they all go against it. The team is nervous, it is a story that repeats itself from 4-5 games. We can no longer pretend nothing, aside we need more attention of the referees. If we had 29 points, the disqualifications flocked tonight. We don’t accept everything in silence. ”

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