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After the rumors of recent days, the official has also arrived: Roberto D’Aversa is no longer the coach of Parma. After 4 seasons together, with the double promotion from Serie C to Serie A and two consecutive saves in the top category, the separation between the ducal club and the Stuttgart-born coach has arrived.

THE PRESS – Here is what the note released by Parma says: “Parma Calcio 1913 announces that they have relieved Roberto D’Aversa from the position of coach of the First Team. In fact, in recent weeks that cohesion, unity of purpose, harmony and mutual enthusiasm have failed at the basis of the successes achieved together in the last four years. However, nothing will be able to cancel the indelible goals carved in the history of the club also thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Coach and his staff, to whom the club is thanked for what has been achieved in recent years and good luck for the continuation of their career “.

WALK OF BENCHES – As the press release indirectly points out, after the farewell of the sporting director Faggiano – to which D’Aversa was very attached – and the advent of Carli from Cagliari, something was broken between the parties. And the former Gialloblù coach becomes a strong candidate for the Genoa bench at this point, where he would find his own Faggiano, who at the same time continues to push for Italian from Spezia. Parma could instead accelerate for Fabio Liverani, which in turn abruptly broke off his relationship with Lecce in recent days. Former Cagliari Rolando Maran is the first alternative.

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