Parmamania: cold shower that serves as a lesson but Parma in the first half can worry anyone A league

A real mockery for the crusaders returning to the Tardini after almost four months. Two minutes of inattention have cost really dear and Inter could not help but take advantage of it. First De Vrij then the goal of the ex Bastoni who did not give up exulting. In the end, Conte’s Inter passes, even if he was evidently disqualified with the second half changes, he gave a turn to the match, especially with the Moses-Bastoni duo. If the first goal had come with a double header in the area, the 1-2 was made thanks to the reserves: perfect cross by Moses, Bastoni all alone in the area did not hesitate to support the net by beating Sepe. In two minutes Parma managed to erase what was beautiful in the first half. So many chances, perhaps too easy to get in front of goal and only one goal scored on the various clear goals from the net. The Crusader trident created quite a few difficulties for the Nerazzurri rearguard with the pitfalls of Gervinho and Kulusevski and with the physicality of Cornelius. Perhaps little malice in the goal area and many wasted opportunities prevent Parma from finding the 2-0. And in football it is known that the matches must be closed, especially when facing big experts like Inter. A defeat that can serve as a lesson since salvation is now practically achieved. Taking two goals in two minutes is always a problem that turns on a wake-up call but the cross defense was almost perfect for all 90 ‘of the game. Two carelessness are enough, however, and the opponent punishes you mercilessly. The fact that Parma did not manage to close the match, even seeing the second half changes, where no forward was inserted, shows that the victory was not sought in the clearest way as in the first half. However, attackers Caprari and Karamoh will have the opportunity to show up at work already in Verona on Wednesday evening. Parma’s return to Tardini has understood that anyone can worry, organized teams such as Inter included. But only with greater attention in the defensive phase will it be possible to speak of other objectives. Meanwhile, salvation is in your pocket and that is what matters.

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