Parmamania: VAR confusion on a penalty net and team penalized again A league

A touch of the hand in an area so sunny to see that not even the VAR has changed the race director Fabbri’s mind. The ball that hits Mancini’s very wide arm, effectively anticipating Kucka’s header. “We have come close to ridicule, we are not the idiots of the village,” said Parma club manager Alessandro Lucarelli. Now enough, it is right to be respected given the refereeing decisions of the last matches. Penalties against granted without hesitation for less obvious touches of the penalty denied to Parma. And then when for the same situation in the area, however, apart from inverting, there is no whistle in favor of Parma. It is not fair to accept everything and remain silent. Before the match in Rome, six penalties had been awarded against the Crusaders in the previous six games and all the VAR reviews were successful when there was a whistle against the Giallobl├╣. Without a doubt the team has been penalized and it cannot go on like this. Parma is stuck at 39 points in the standings, in a quiet situation with salvation at hand but precisely for this reason one cannot remain silent and watch the other clubs that score points with refereed favors. At the fourth consecutive defeat Parma looks back. From the Europe area, we slipped sensationally on the right side of the ranking, definitively abandoning European dreams. Arbitration decisions aside, in every game there are defensive errors to be studied for the next matches. Restart from the mistakes made to prepare the busy July calendar and exceed 40 points as soon as possible. There is still time to get rid of great satisfaction and maybe make a final sprint by raising your head. It will not arrive in Europe but you must try to end the season in the best way. Referees permitting, of course.

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