Passion for samba, friendship with Neymar and his skiing girlfriend: Juve discovers Arthur, for Messi ‘Xavi’s only heir’ | First page

Arthur is ready to land in the world of Juve, there Old lady is getting to know your new top midfielder: the arrival of the 1996 class from Barcelona, ​​in exchange with Miralem Pjanic, happened in the night, after the few minutes played yesterday in the match drawn by the Blaugrana in Vigo against Celta. therefore Sunday will be his first Italian day, the first adventure in his new city, Turin, that he will know over time. But we get to know him, thanks also to the words of Helena Condis, a well-known Spanish journalist very close to Barcelona who evaluated him in the Catalan experience.

THE LINK WITH THE FAMILY AND THE SKIER GIRLFRIEND – A particular profile, who paints Arthur as an affable, smiling and likeable type, endowed with the typical cheerfulness of the Brazilian boys. Like all South Americans, it is a lot tied to your family, which he brought with him in full from Porto Alegre to Barcelona, and who will bring with him to Turin: mom, dad and brother. What about the girlfriend? There is but it is not Brazilian, but from Andorra: on social media there are some photos taken on the snow, while ski with great class. As the Juventus fans hope Arthur can do at the Stadium, after two years in the Blaugrana.

SAMBA, DINNERS AND PARTIES WITH NEYMAR AND THE MESSI INVESTMENT – In free time loves to go out and go dancing samba, typical trait of young people gauchos: has one great friendship with teammate Neymar, with whom he often went out to Barcelona to go to eat outside near the beach. A medium to seeis O’Ney often in Turin? It can be, given the close relationship between the two and the same desire to party. From the football point of view instead the most beautiful compliment came nothing less than from his majesty Leo Messi, who, a few months after meeting him, said that seeing him train was what more he resembled Xavi Hernandez, for the touch and the way he played. Not bad: Arthur must now take Juve.

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