Paulo Sousa: ‘I went to Inter after a dialogue with the greatest player in the world’ | Market

Former midfielder Paulo Sousa, now coach, talks about his transfer to Inter and how the idea took hold at the time. This is the excerpt of the interview given by the Portuguese a Tribuna Expreso.

“German is one of the languages ​​I refused to learn – says the Portuguese -. Only later did I realize that I was wrong because I had the goal of going to Borussia Dortmund and then returning to Italy: this affected me. At the time, the idea of ​​returning to Serie A came from talking to the best player in the world, Ronaldo, who was at Inter. I’ve only worked with one agent in my career, the same agent as Ronaldo. All these contributing causes have led me to return. For me, another type of market had opened up – Real Madrid and Barcelona – and it would probably have been the best option to go to Spain, also to see the training methods. ”

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