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As of June 30th, Ivan Perisic’s future is a knot yet to be resolved. The Bayern Monaco did not exercise the redemption option agreed last summer with theInter, but arrived at what would have been the last day of the 2019/20 season, net of the Covid emergency that has messed up and remodeled all the calendars, the definitive square on the Croatian for 2020/21 has not yet been found. Perisic waits and is currently aware of having to stay in Bavaria at least until the end of July and, except for surprises, also in August to play the final phase of the Champions League with the Flick team: in the meantime, contacts between the two clubs continue to find a definitive meeting point.

DISTANCE – Mission not easy, because if it is true that Bayern is satisfied with Perisic’s performance and Flick would like to continue with him, it is equally true that there is no intention to pay the initially agreed 20 million euros to the nerazzurri: leveraging on the crisis given by the coronavirus and on the excellent relationships between Rummenigge and Marotta, the Germans push for an important discount on this figure and they do not intend to go beyond 10-15 million euros for the Croatian card. A figure, however, that would not satisfy Inter, who wants to recover the 20 million expected to hijack them on the spot Tonali. Managers at work, taking advantage of the excellent relationships, we are looking for a way that can satisfy both parties and allow Perisic to continue his career in Bavaria: days of waiting, but time is running out and the final solution to the Perisic case is still not visible.

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