PES 2021, Ronaldo hypothesis on the cover appears: with or instead of Messi? | Market

In modern times, important clues can also come from marketing in terms of the transfer market. Even from the world of video games, where the covers of new titles are always under the magnifying glass. And never like this year, the headlights are on Konami. The next chapter in the football saga, eFootball PES 2021, It will be a season update but it will still have a physical copy, on which it currently stands Lionel Messi with the 2020/21 uniform of Barcelona. A packshot not definitive, however, as pointed out by the Japanese company itself, and in the last few days the rumors about a possible and sensational turning point have been running: no longer Messi alone, but a four cover with Alphonso Davies (Bayern Monaco), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) and, above all, Cristiano Ronaldo. Indiscretion that has inflamed the web, because it would be an absolute first time: never has a videogame been able to present on the cover together with Messi and CR7, the two most iconic players in modern football and beyond. But it is not the only hypothesis that is circulating: what if the Juventus champion were instead the replacement of the Flea? It all depends on whether Messi leaves Barça and his next club: a move to Inter for example (a team among the most attentive to the situation), would prevent Konami from putting the Argentine on the cover, having lost his license for the Nerazzurri club this year (in game it will be called Lombardy NA and will have logo and uniforms different from the originals of the Milanese company). That’s why PES 2021 could hide a hint of the market: the new cover can indicate the future of Messi.

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