Piatek wants to return to Italy: Fiorentina observes, but there is a problem | Market

Return to Italy after less than a year. Krzysztof Piatek he misses the A league and, as the Corriere della Sera, would like to return to the championship where he revealed himself to the world, first with the shirt of Genoa, absolute protagonist, then with that of Milan, great performances in its first six months only to collide with the curse of the number 9.

There Fiorentina thinks about it but, at the moment, economically, it is an out of reach operation: 4 million euros for the hire of the Pole, 27 the cost of the card last January by Hertha Berlin. For the moment the will of the player is not enough: it is a negotiation that can only reach the white smoke at the end of the market, with the loan formula.

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