Pioli: ‘The real strength of my Milan is the mentality. Future? Here I am too well, but it does not depend on me ‘| Market

The Milan overturns Juventus, from 0-2 to 4-2, and temporarily moves to fifth place in front of Roma. At the end of the meeting, the Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli comment to Dazn: “My players are showing an incredible mentality, even in difficulties there is a desire to be together and fight to the end. Rightly they have been rewarded”.

‘MY MILAN’ – “It is the work we did every day at Milanello, carrying out our ideas to achieve an important goal. Until a few days ago the ranking did not reflect the values ​​of the group, we isolated ourselves to work and the team is doing well especially mentally. And this makes the difference, who plays is ready. I’m happy, but we haven’t done anything. It’s a particular championship, we play all in the last seven and we already think about the next one with Napoli. We have the qualities to finish well the championship, but you have to stay on track. What we are doing needs to be improved, because the level is high and if you are less concentrated you pay it. We don’t want to pay more, in the past we have paid too much duty but we learned from our mistakes “.

PRIDE – “I am not thinking of August 3 but the next game with Napoli, to do my job well. We are working well, we have become a team because we know each other better, the strengths and weaknesses of the coach and players. I do not think what will happen on 3 August, I am too well with the team and I am not worried about my future. I am proud and willing to finish the championship well, because it would be right to still take away some satisfaction for the job we are doing “.

ATHLETIC CONDITION – “The work of the staff was important, but I have to congratulate my players: those who had an exercise bike or even a garden or a corridor were never missing during the lockdown. The physical aspect is important, but now the team is more aware, he is better on the field and has a proactive attitude. I appreciate the compliments, but anything can happen and we must be careful to maintain this level because the opponents that await us are difficult, we must be on the spot. ”

MENTALITY’ – “We were good at exploiting the penalty, from there we found enthusiasm. Sorry for the goals we took, despite the quality of the opponents we could defend better. The game was balanced, then we were surprised by Rabiot and we could do better on doubling But the team mentality is making a difference and we must insist. “

FUTURE – “If I deserve this place on the bench? I expect to finish the championship well and hit the target for which we have been called and for which we are working. It has been a deep, continuous job. We have had delicate moments, good games in which we have not collected results. I don’t think about August 3, I like to train too much. I have found the team I am good with and I am happy to go on the field. Then if it is this we will see at the end of the championship, but I am not thinking about my future : the expenditure of energy is very deep, I can’t think of things that don’t depend on me “.

POST-LOCKDOWN SHOOTING – “We are fine, it is safe, but we have not done anything. We think of Napoli which is a direct match against a great team with a great coach like Gattuso”.

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