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As expected and predictable, there was nothing that could change Gonzalo Higuain’s current situation. Even the expected confrontation with Andrea Pirlo was consumed without twists, as anticipated by, the new coach confirmed to Pipita exactly what he already knew and that the management had already communicated to his entourage, the time for the The twists and turns took place well before the exoneration of Maurizio Sarri in short. “We talked, he is a person I admire very much, he has made an important cycle here but we have decided that the roads must separate. He was a great player, the cycles end, he was put aside, we looked into each other’s eyes and he understood “: with these words Pirlo told the whole story of the confrontation with the Pipita. And now? And now it’s up to the Juventus management to be able to convince Higuain to leave without further blocking the Juventus market.

THE FIGURES – We work on terminating the contract, a situation that in any case Continassa would have preferred to avoid, it is not excluded that until the end they may pursue an alternative on the market. P.because terminating with Higuain would mean resigning oneself to a loss of around 18 million, which will not be adequately compensated by the savings of a salary which for the moment sees Pipita expecting net 7.5 million relating to this last year of the contract, to which to add the 1.5 million relating to last season. Economically, a totally losing case for Juve regardless of how much Higuain wants to give up (margins seem to be few for now).

THE BACKSCENE – Unless he is persuaded to accept another team with the transfer of his card by Juve, to limit the loss. Now that the rupture has also taken place publicly, perhaps Higuain could reconsider. in the meantime in the London mission, Fabio Paratici had managed to win the interest of some clubs, which also do not seem to warm Higuain’s heart: Fulham, Aston Villa, West Ham, Newcastle. The way can change and they can expand or tighten the times, for sure Higuain will leave Juve. And this is already a starting point for both.

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