Premier: tris United with super Martial. Ok Everton and Wolves. LIVE: Liverpool-Crystal Palace 1-0 | Abroad

Continues on 31st round of the Premier League with five more matches scheduled for this Wednesday. Let’s go at 19: the Manchester United finds Pogba from 1 ‘, but against it Sheffield United (without the goalkeeper Henderson for the clause that prevents the club that owns the card from facing, i Red Devils precisely) the absolute protagonist is Martial with a hat trick. Ok also the Wolverhampton, which exceeds the Bournemouth with the Juventus goal net Jimenez, and theEverton by Ancelotti, who passes the measurement in the house of Norwich last in the ranking. It ends in a draw instead Newcastle-Aston Villa with one goal per side.

At 9.15pm, then, it’s up to Liverpool: i Reds Klopp ‘s champions cannot yet graduate arithmetically, but by beating the Crystal Palace they would go to +23 on the City and would wait at that point for the outcome of the match against Chelsea, aware that only the victory of the Guardiola team could postpone the party again.

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