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The sound of the bell announced the start of the great operation. The army has moved. But it wasn’t full. Someone out of fear and others aware of being thrown into trouble for lack of the necessary supports, they deserted waiting for better times. Something our soldiers sent to the Russian campaign could not do with rubber boots on their feet and wearing green canvas raincoats. So, of the nine and a half million students (photo Ansa) that this morning only a little more than half would have had to show up in class joined the first day of school. And certainly not out of indifference or indiscipline.

The schools had been closed in March. Six and a half months during which the managers of the nerve center for our company should have exercised the sacrosanct duty to think and move right away to ensure that the resumption of education and training took place in the sign of authentic normality and serenity. Two hundred days thrown away and only in view of the fateful moment a frantic agitation to try to remedy in some way the “not done”. Government, left and right, even the President of the Republic and therefore all those who in the days of vigil have filled their mouths with rhetorical speeches about the defense of our young people and their right to education must feel responsible of this half debacle.

It is true that the moment, with the pandemic spreading all over the world and which fortunately does not seem to want to get too excited about Italy, the problems are different and some are essential. This, however, it does not justify in the least the superficiality and carelessness with which the theme of the reopening of schools was addressed. In fact, politics has shown to be much more focused on the theme of elections, the referendum and waging war between gangs than on the crucial moment for our children. Masks yes masks no. Thermometers at home or at school. Inadequate transportation. Single-seat benches with or without wheels, which never arrived. Insufficient number of teachers. Lessons in person or remotely. An indescribable chaos with each one having his say without ever agreeing with the other.

In this landscape of guilty inefficiency, the only ones who have shown great common sense and excellent will were those who are supposed to be the users of the school service. Headmasters, professors, janitors and students who in the first person and sometimes even paying out of their own pockets have also activated themselves by working as porters to make the classes at least acceptable and in line with health safety regulations. What the institutions should have done was done by them and yet in an artisanal way. Here’s what they are the real “heroes” in this strange country of ours, bewildered by chatter and by fake riders without blemish and without fear.

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