Raiola: ‘Donnarumma? I didn’t talk about it with Milan. Balotelli is not finished, the renewal of Pogba, Bernardeschi and Haaland … ‘| First page

The renewal of Gigio Donnarumma, the future of Federico Bernardeschi and more. Mino Raiola, directly from Lisbon, spoke to Sky Sports is confirmed our anticipations on the situation of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. These are his statements: “Will Ibra be at the Milan meeting? I believe there won’t be tomorrow. The negotiation is at a good point, we are talking, we do not have the agreement yet. It is not a question of money, of conviction and style, many things. A marriage is made in two, if Ibra did not want to stay there would be no negotiation. I am optimistic as always, otherwise we will not go on “.

DONNARUMMA – “I haven’t talked about Gigio, not even now I want to, it’s a sensitive issue and it’s not the time, there are other priorities, even for the club. We’ll see Gigio, it’s not a question now.”

BONAVENTURA – “We are evaluating, we are very close to a couple of teams, I hope to close it in a couple of days”.

PIRLO – “A nice surprise, they have won a lot, everyone is criticized by fans and not, if Pirlo makes the team play as he did, Guardiola has to start hiding. As a player, Pirlo has never been discussed”.

BERNARDESCHI – “He is very aware of what it has been, I like him, I talked a lot with him and I saw a guy who hasn’t sat down yet, he understood that his career starts here, it doesn’t end. He can easily be there in Juve, then if there are better conditions for everyone, then we will evaluate together. I think Juve is still betting on him. It’s a challenge he wants to take on, at Juve. “

DE LIGT – “Equal to Bernardeschi, he is extraordinary, as a person and as an athlete, the injury is cured and now he needs time. I think Juve has an important treasure in hand with him.”

POGBA – “Paul is at the center of an important technical project, even in recent years United has never wanted to open a negotiation. He is not the type to make controversy, especially in a moment like this you have to be quiet and calm and see how it goes. to end. We will deal with the renewal calmly, without stress. We will continue to talk about it“.

HAALAND – “It is a regret for those who did not take it and a dream for those who want to take it. He will not move this year, he is fine at Dortmund. It is not the time to move, we are very aware of the career path that is taking place. can do”.

BALOTELLI – “At Brescia everything started well, then there were these misunderstandings with Cellino. I put myself in the middle too, I don’t hold back. We chose the path of silence, the whole world already has its own opinion on Mario. changed with the facts. Covid certainly did not help us. But now we are talking to various teams to start again. He is certainly not finished: and for strikers like him football needs “like water”. Even in Italy it can have market, we are talking with one or two teams “.

MALEN – “There are talents to bring to Italy, there are incredible ones abroad. Malen from PSV might arrive here one day. Today the club can hardly sell him and another club may have the strength to snatch him from him.”

MARKET – “I think that for all clubs the really interesting session will be in January”.

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