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He has studied Sacchi for years, he is a lover of the beautiful game of high pressing and balance. Ralf Rangnick will sit on AC Milan’s bench next season with the clear goal of revolutionizing the way football has been played in recent years. His line of continuity found it only with almost total control, which found its maximum expression in Leipzig, where he was in fact entrusted with the entire project that he helped to raise to the highest levels. And so it will be also in his adventure in the Rossoneri where he will also have the role of technical director with ample decision-making power on the market. And the names on the notebook, between secrets and less, are all right.

SZOBOSZLAI PRIORITY – AC Milan did not let go of Dominik Szoboszlai. The Hungarian talent is a protégé of Ralf Rangnick, the German manager knows him by heart because Salzburg is part of the Red Bull galaxy. And precisely on the consolidated relationships with the agent and the Austrian club wants to leverage to burn the competition of Psg and Arsenal. The negotiation is entering the hot phase pending total agreements with the 2000 class: to snatch it from Salzburg, however, just pay the 25 million clause payable in 3 years.

OTHER OBJECTIVES – Rangnick already has clear in mind where AC Milan must intervene on the market: at least one strong central defender, a couple of midfielders and two forwards. They like Milenkovic from Fiorentina and Koch from Freiburg for the defense, Jovic from Real Madrid and Azmoun from Zenit for the attack. The name of Florentino is pending: for technical and registry characteristics it could also be the case for the ex Deus ex machina of Red Bull, but the negotiation with Benfica had been set by the current (and outgoing) management formed by Massara and Maldini .

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