Rome, Fonseca: ‘I don’t like alibis, turnover necessary. On the rumors about me and the lack of experience … ‘| A league

The technician of the Rome Paulo Fonseca he spoke after the defeat against Napoli on Rome TV:

Too bad for the result, third consecutive defeat … now you have to work more on the head than on the legs of the players?
“Yes. I was very angry after Udine, today I am not happy with the defeat, but with the attitude of the team I am confident. If we play like this we are very close to returning to winning. The team was fine, the game was decided by a great goal, but there are many positive things in this game. “

Zaniolo ready to make a difference?
“For this game he was not ready to make more than thirty minutes. Playing like this can be important for the team. He entered a difficult moment, but he tried to help the team. Now it is difficult to get better, but I think in short time will be ready to play from the beginning. “

Is the choice of playing three, which was then a five line, dictated by the needs of Roma or by the characteristics of Napoli?
“We have always worked on two systems, I said it. It was the first time that we played this way, but we did it well. We have been confident from the defensive point of view and at this moment it is important that the team has security in defense. I think we played well. We didn’t win, but we played well, with this attitude and team spirit I’m sure we will win again. “

What is the real problem of this Rome? We also suffered 21 shots today, even with a covered defense.
“But how many clear goal situations have they created? We have made 18 shots on goal against Sampdoria too. I think the shot is not a sign of danger. Today we didn’t let Napoli play as they wish. They attacked more, but it is allowed on our side, trying to play in counter attack when we win the ball and we also created situations to score more goals. “

Is this defense that became a 5 line a game system that we will also see when we have to make a game to win?
“I think playing with a three-way line is not a signal to play defensively. Here in Italy there are very strong teams that play like this, it is not a signal to play more defensively. I do not find the team more defensive, but safer. I am sure that we will play with this system in the future too. Not always, but we’ll see. “

Roma will need quality …
2Yes, we don’t have much time to recover the players, but right now it’s important not to change much. If the team played well we don’t have to change much for the next one. It is important that the same players play more. “

Then to Sky:

What will you save tonight?
“Today we did some things well, with good attitude and team spirit. It is true that we did not win, but I am more confident today than with the match against Udinese”

How are you experiencing this corporate moment?
“I don’t like having alibis. We want to do more, we haven’t done the last two games. Today we did a different race, I have to be the first to keep my balance. We have to improve the next results.”

Is the turnover not affecting you a little too much?
“We only played two days ago, ten more. Carles had run a lot, today he was not in the best physical condition. After this game I don’t intend to change much.”

So will you confirm the three-way defense?
“We have always worked with this module. I thought today was a good opportunity to play like this. And playing with the defense at three changes some moments of the game. But here we have many teams that win by playing like this, for me it’s not a sign of a more defensive style of play. “

Did today’s form change because he faced Napoli?
“No, it’s because I think we need a safer team on a defensive level right now, and I think we’ve had a good race.”

In these difficult times, how important is it to have leadership players who take the situation in hand?
“We have great leaders in the locker room, Dzeko, Pellegrini, Kolarov, Perotti. Many experienced players, I think this is not a problem. After these defeats we have all talked and we want to go back to being the team that has played many good matches and I think that these types of players are important now. The team today felt motivated, it wasn’t an attitude problem. We lost because we faced a great team and the match was decided by a great goal. “

After three months of inactivity, perhaps too many modules and off-role players have been proposed. What is its truth?
“The offensive department hasn’t changed. This way only makes it difficult to press higher. Now it’s important to find stability. That’s what I want to do. I want players to regain confidence and I don’t think it’s a form problem. I’m confident that playing with any system with the right attitude we can win any game2.

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