Rome, Fonseca: ‘There is a mental problem, we are all responsible. On Dzeko and the criticisms … ‘| A league

Paulo Fonseca, coach of the Rome, speak to the microphones of Sky Sport at the end of the game lost by the Giallorossi 2-0 againstUdinese: “I would make the choices I made. We cannot forget that we have many games. The players who played the last two were not in a position to play this one. We changed, playing with Under open to take advantage of the one on one, but we did not enter well on the field, we conceded goals and after the expulsion everything got complicated “.

ON THE NEXT CHAMPIONSHIP – “We have created an identity that is not being seen now. It is a difficult moment but we have goals for this season. It is difficult to explain, we did not enter the game, and then with the expulsion it was all more difficult. It is not a tactical problem, but a mental one. This team has always played well during the season, we are struggling from the match against Milan. In the second half we left many spaces. But it doesn’t end there. We must continue to fight for our goals. “

ON THE CRITICS – “When we don’t win, you have to be prepared for criticism. It’s the life of the coach.”

ROME IN PLAY CRISIS – “I must be the first to believe that we must work to change the situation. I am responsible for today and also tomorrow in telling the players that we must work. It is a difficult situation, I take responsibility for it. But I must say that I am not we have finished the season, there are clear objectives. What is important for me is to change the results immediately and go back to playing as before “.

ABOUT CORPORATE UNCERTAINTIES –There is no excuse for me, we are responsible. Anyone who plays for Roma must be strong and understand that we must fight to the end. Here there is ambition, we must be the same. Today we made several changes, but I have faith in all the players. It is not good to change many players, but it is not easy to play the same players in the third game in a week. This is an important moment for the coach: you cannot think only of a game, but also of the next one, like the one with Napoli next Sunday “.

ABOUT DZEKO – “He was tired, he played the first two games. The impact of the first game was important. I must confess that Kalinic did well before leaving and in the match against Cagliari. Furthermore, I also thought about the match against Napoli, which is very important for us. Dzeko and Kalinic are different players. Edin got in well today, but I also trust Kalinic. “

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