Rome, Pallotta now takes time. Here’s why | A league

Pallotta’s strategy does not change: take time, on The messenger. Especially now that after overcoming the obstacle of due-diligence, from the formal point of view, the Tor di Valle project took a further step towards voting in the classroom. Fixed the technical issue, on Monday the appointment to resolve the political one (in the various commissions, other counts within the 5-star movement). Pallotta waits. The go-ahead to the new stadium would suddenly change the cards on the table and Jim would return to the pedestal to manage the negotiation for the sale of the club. The right price, according to the president, is between 600 and 700 million. Friedkin is always vigilant on the negotiation. But what matters most, from a Rome perspective, Pallotta would have one more reason to convince the shareholders to participate in the completion of the capital increase by December 31st.

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