Rome, Perotti attacks the Serie A: ‘Terrible fields. San Siro as the Argentine third division ‘| A league

It is no longer Diego Perotti’s Roma, but the Argentine still feels like an important part of Fonseca’s squad. The outside, who fell behind in the hierarchies due to the many injuries, returned to talk about the present and the future in an interview with Espn Redes. Her words:

What is your relationship with accidents?
I have a very bad relationship with injuries. I know they are part of our job and that they will inevitably come, but in some players they are more frequent than others. I have companions who I don’t think know what a muscle injury is. There are those who suffer with knees or ankles. For me it’s more of a muscle talk. They are not serious injuries, in about a month you recover. But when it comes to you one after the other, you get tired. With the passing years they become more and more annoying. You don’t even want to do rehabilitation anymore, to go for treatments in a clinic, to go to the gym, to see your companions go to play knowing that maybe fifteen days are left to go back to training. I am very careful, there is certainly something I can improve, but my lifestyle does not justify all injuries. But okay, I touched this. In the years that remain I hope that it will happen to me as little as possible, to prevent as much as possible and to enjoy every game.

You have scored two decisive goals for qualifying for the Champions League with Sevilla and Roma

Yes I thought about it and I talked about it with friends and family. Another coincidence is that Monchi was present on both occasions. The first at Sevilla was my first goal with Liga. I scored with my head, one of the few in my career. The one marked on Totti’s farewell is unforgettable for all that has meant. The match against Sevilla was certainly important. In the one with Roma there was the Napoli that was winning and if we hadn’t scored we would not have reached the Champions League. And then there was the farewell of Francesco, who was already sad and losing the Champions League would have been worse. It was a goal that I enjoyed.

Is Italian football more complicated than the others?
Italian football is very complicated because it is very tactical. Then the fields are a disaster. Go play with Milan and Inter and it looks like the Deportivo MorĂ²n field (third Argentine series, ndc). I don’t know if it’s a climatic issue or something. In Spain I went to play with Almeria which was last and the pitch was perfect. The defenders are also very good, they always keep the marking high. Last time I looked at Sevilla-Betis, there was a lot of space to turn around, to check and attack. They are different. Juventus is doing very well because it has a style similar to Atletico Madrid, but it is not invincible.

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