Rome: Polish derby Milik-Piatek | Market

There are situations in football in which sometimes you have to think of a plan B. Because what seems all defined and linear does not necessarily go to checkers. So in the domination of the attackers Roma is always there, on the front line, waiting to understand what will happen with Dzeko. Compared to before, however, there is the fact that if the Bosnian striker in the end really had to leave the capital, the possible replacement it’s not necessarily Arkadiusz Milik, he writes The Gazzetta dello Sport.

FLOOR P- Because in Trigoria they could also decide to turn to another Pole we know well in Italy, for having played with Genoa and Milan: Krzysztof Piatek, who in these days is working to prepare his new season with Hertha Berlin. Piatek was paid 24 million euros by the Germans last January, signing a contract until June 2025. In the budget, therefore, today it should be around 22 million. Which basically means that to bring him back to Italy you have to start from that figure, even if it is plausible that the Germans want something more, maybe 25 million. Piatek in Germany has not yet fully convinced. And that’s why Hertha might even decide to deprive itself of it. Moreover, his agent has always been very close to the Giallorossi cause, today even more than ever.

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