Ronaldo? No, Dybala: more decisive and less character, it is the future of Juve. This is why he will be its captain |


The first to understand its potential was Rino Gattuso. “Dybala is a phenomenon, you will see where it will arrive in a few years”.

Ronaldo? No, Dybala: more decisive and less character, it is the future of Juve. This is why he will be its captain
Ronaldo? No, Dybala: more decisive and less character, it is the future of Juve. This is why he will be its captain

It was the summer of 2013, Lippi’s world champion began to coach Palermo, after his brief experience in Switzerland in Sion, and that Argentine boy, who was not yet 20 years old, seemed only one of the many young sponsored by the president Zamparini. Time, however, has largely proved Gattuso right, because Dybala is the new and indisputable certainty of Juventus, who has just scored his number 10 goal in the championship with the number 10 shirt.

“Dybala was more decisive than Ronaldo,” wrote Giancarlo Padovan commenting on Juventus’ last game against Genoa and I fully agree with him, with an important addition. While Cristiano Ronaldo, who turned 35 in February, is present with more past than future, Paulo Dybala who will turn 27 in mid-November, is the present with more future than past. Finally, even the Juventus officials have convinced themselves that last summer they would have willingly sold him if the player had agreed to leave Turin. Never like this time the fans who invoked his confirmation were right and in fact, soon Dybala will sign the renewal of the contract, with the prospect of remaining for life at Juventus.

Dybala, in fact, has all the technical and even human qualities to become the future symbol of the Juventus team, as a leader on the pitch and an example out of his rare simplicity, because the best he grants is that original way in which he celebrates his goals. It is no coincidence that Dybala, unlike many other foreigners not only of his team, decided to stay in Italy during the pandemic, before he even knew he was positive because he gladly comes back to Argentina but only when he calls him national. More person than character – and every reference to Ronaldo is not at all casual – Dybala was not afraid to wear the legendary number 10 shirt that he is honouring in the best way. Argentinian like the legendary number 10 Sivori, who remembers for the physique and the movements on the field, however, Dybala does not have the vice that his black and white predecessor had to provoke the opponents, collecting expulsions in series.

In character, in fact, he looks more like the other mythical number 10 of Juventus, Del Piero, who also remembers for the way he kicks the punishments and more generally for the ease with which he mocks the goalkeepers, brushing goals with his sinister magic, like the other night in Genoa. We don’t know how this strange league will end, much less Juventus’ pursuit of the Champions League, but however the double race of the bianconeri ends, when Ronaldo leaves Juventus and football, Dybala will still be at the centre of the Juventus project and then it is not difficult to imagine that he will be the titular captain of Juventus, after having already done it a few times but only for the absence of companions with more seniority. This is his fifth season with the black and white shirt and time is on his side because he is mature to wear that band that in recent years has gone from Buffon to Bonucci and finally to Chiellini. And besides time, fate is also on his side, because do you know who was the last Juventus captain with the number 10 jersey? Easy answer: Del Piero, from 2001 to 2012. And do you know who was the last foreign captain of Juventus? Less easy answer: Sivori, between 1963 and 1965. And then it’s all written. Just wait, because the future of Juventus is captain Dybala, a champion of 10 with honours, who makes us relive the magic of Sivori and Del Piero.


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