Rui Costa, statements against Cavani are fake: ‘Never released, never thought about certain things’ | Market

On the web, in the last few hours, Manuel’s statements have jumped out Rui Costa, sporting director of Benfica, which attacks the football system and the market, with crazy figures for young people (“after two goals they ask for 2 million”) and for “34-year-olds like Cavani who cannot ask for 10 million euros”. Statements never released. This is the note of Manuel Rui Costa that calcium announces: “I learned that an interview with” Benfica TV “attributed to me is filming on some Italian social networks. I would like to say that I have never stated or thought about certain things. Furthermore, I was also a footballer, and I would never have spoken like that . So, whoever made those statements around either publishes the Benfica TV video or clarifies that it is false “.

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