Samp, Ferrero: ‘I’m the worker president. Six seasons of a love story, on the sale … ‘| A league

Long interview given by the president of the Sampdoria Maximum Ferrero today. Among the issues touched by the Sampdoria patron there is a balance of the season just ended, of Ranieri and of the sale: “They were six intense seasons, exciting, happy at times and even tiring, like love stories. For the seventh I prepare myself with audacity, tenacity, strength and ever more heart. We work every day. With my first line, composed of Carlo Osti, Riccardo Pecini and Alberto Bosco, we work, each within their own range of competence, to streamline the bureaucracy, guarantee the restart of the infrastructures and to seek, as always, the right talents for a competitive Sampdoria and of quality “said a The Gazzetta dello Sport.

On the championship just ended: “Suffering is part of passion. The last season was a tough one, for many reasons and above all for that false start, but we saved ourselves well in a difficult context post pandemic we could have done the feat, that is, climb the rankings even more in the last four days. But from an evil we must always bring out a good and this lesson will also serve us for the future. Tranquility is the noun I choose for the new season, the bar must always be raised because it generates stimuli, continuity and cazzimma, but with rigor. I learned to say that our goal is the next match. “

Ferrero is happy with Ranieri: “I am very satisfied with him. From all points of view. In a difficult time it turned out to be the right choice of which I am and we are all very proud. This way he will have even more time to prepare the team, to pass on his football beliefs. This was also seen after the break due to the pandemic: the results have arrived. It will be fundamental “

To speak of open stadiums, Ferrero quotes the Latin: “The Latins would have said:“ Ad impossibilia nemo tenutur. ”Nobody is bound to impossible things. Sharing with the fans in the states would be the best gift, but the situation should not be underestimated, the virus did not magically go away, but without alarmism, with civic sense and responsibility. We will leave behind closed doors with courage and lucid optimism ».

Hot topic, that of assignment. But Ferrero cuts short: “I answered many, too many words with facts. Mistakes? I’m paying for my impulsiveness, my authenticity and also a certain inexperience in the media exploitation, a little Machiavellian, which certainly in all sectors and not only in football are at home. I was and am a worker president: I reel but I do not give up. Those who do not do not make mistakes, the important thing is to do and never give up. I am proud and honored regardless of being the president of the club with the most beautiful colors in the world and I work: it is my answer to many words “.

From next year there will be three Ligurian teams in Serie A: “Certainly happy to be the president of Sampdoria. Dimensions don’t define greatness. Liguria is a complete region, it has everything to be loved and has always given strong and heartfelt answers, even recently, with the reconstruction of the new bridge after the tragedy, unfortunately unforgettable, two years ago. Even before joining Sampdoria, I have always had a fellinian relationship with Genoa, where I worked for several films: his sunsets are postcards of feelings. With three teams in Serie A, Liguria gave another important answer “

Another important theme, the derby: “The one in Genoa is the best, but there is no derby without fans, so I hope that the next one will be the people’s derby. And then there will be those with Spezia: it would be important that they could play in their city “.

Important words for Fabio Quagliarella: “Today Quagliarella is what Vialli and Mancini were in the past: a symbol and not just the captain, he is one of the best strikers in the modern history of Italian football. Sampdoria has its great history in this history Quagliarella occupies an important place. On Damsgaard we worked in advance and, at Ranieri’s school, it can grow even more. I repeat what I said at the beginning: with Osti and Pecini we work to identify and study the talents who can give us so much in the present and even more in the future “.

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