Sampdoria, from 25% of Murru to Linetty: 28 players with the resale clause | Market

The Bruno Fernandes question between Sporting Lisbon and the Sampdoria has sparked interest in the ‘sell on fee’ clause, which can be Italianized with ‘percentage on resale‘. This is an increasingly common tool among clubs, to guarantee an amount within a negotiation in the event of a further subsequent transfer of the player. Il Doria used it at the exit, but also at the entrance there are many members on which the clause hangs, even 28.

The XIX Century photograph the situation. The most particular case is that of Jankto. In fact, Udinese will earn the 50% of its possible capital gain, however, considered on the purchase price, without depreciation. This means that if the player, paid 14.5 million, were to be sold by hypothesis to 20.5 million, Sampdoria and Udinese would get 3 million respectively, or half each of the total capital gain of 6 million. However, it is difficult to think, at least for the moment, that Sampdoria will be able to resell the player for a higher amount than the purchase.

The same mechanism was included, for example, in the contract of Ronaldo Vieira: Leeds will collect 10% of the capital gain compared to the 7.1 million purchase price. Also part of the ‘sell on fee’ patrol on capital gains are Linetty (5% in Lech compared to 3.1 million), Gabbiadini (Southampton, 10% of 11.9 million) Chabot (3.7, 5% in Groningen), Bonazzoli (4.5, 20% to Inter), Verre (4.1, 15% to Pescara) e Leris (2.8, 40% in Chievo). Clauses are also present for D’Amico, Capezzi, Palumbo and Benedetti.

The formula involving other players, such as Nicola, is slightly different Murru. In this case, Samp will pay Cagliari 25% even on the sale price. Idem Rocha: Santos will collect 15% on the sale.

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